Something happened a couple months ago that proved yet again that God is indeed God. In the month of December 2015 and the months prior, I did a lot of my studying with about 6 of my muslim friends and it was a lot of fun; studying and chatting about different topics. If you know me then you know that I love politics a lot.

On this fateful day, I remember working on my dissertation when one of them started talking about his preferred US presidential candidate Donald Trump. So I asked him what he liked about the man and he didn’t have much to say except that he just liked him and that Ben Carson was being ridiculous. He talked about an encounter Ben Carson had when he was in medical school when he said he didn’t know much of chemistry and while he slept, Jesus came to him in a dream and thought him Chemistry and he wrote the exam and scored 97%. He went on to say nothing of such exist (mind you this friend is muslim).

I sat for a minute, I thought and thought of a perfect answer but got none. How do I explain to a muslim that Jesus can speak to his people? Infact it is even difficult to explain to a new believer! It is one of those things that you may have to experience it to believe. We all went back to work as he had a test the next day.

I went home feeling really guilty that I had the opportunity but did not know the answer to his question. Then I prayed a simple short prayer “Dear God, please make yourself known to this guy or present me another opportunity for same conversation to come up but do not let me speak of my own accord to the glory of your name”.

The next day I went to hand in my dissertation. Excited and feeling alive he approached me and congratulated me and I reciprocated and asked how his test went. He said and I quote “I had a dream last night, I laughed at Ben Carson but believe me in my dream I saw all the test questions and the exact thing came out today”. Then I said, I told you it was possible! He was in total awe!!!

Needless to say, he is now rooting for Carson in the US election. I was excited and thankful that God has proved himself yet again and this time, to my muslim friend. I pray and hope your spirit is encouraged as much as mine is by this story. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever just trust him fully and rest for he shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace this year.

Fashion today: So I decided to try out the shades of nude after I got this pants from Zara. As always, I try as much as possible to restyle my clothes instead of buying new pieces for every outfit. If you remember, My second rule of shopping is that the piece I am buying should appear versatile so that I can restyle it at any time. My first rule of course is that I should be able to wear it to church cos if I can, I can always dress it down for any other occasion. Peep my nail colour 🙂

It will still be beautiful with different shades of hues as I am just realising that my top and shoe are same shade and my pants and coat are the same shade. Wide leg trousers are good for petite ladies like me as it tends to ‘falsely’ elongate your legs and make you appear taller than you really are. I also love them because they are smart and appropriate for many occasions. Check here and here to see other times I styled wide leg pants.

SHOP THE LOOK: Pants: Zara (out of stock) Similar here, Top: Here, you may also like This, I love this. Coat: similar Here, Shoes: Here.

Happy new month and thanks for stopping by

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About Kipazze

Final year Biomedical Science student in Cambridge. My love for the Lord started at a very young age and so did my love for fashion, I wondered how this 2 worlds would come together and still be honourable before the Lord. This 2 things make me happy : Jesus and Fashion. I love Jesus and i know he wants me to look good and you too :) . Take a walk with me on this blog as we make history. Stay blessed in Jesus Christ!
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9 Responses to Dreams….

  1. Ruthie says:

    great story, it jst encouraged me to keep praying for my unsaved friends until they experience Jesus. but please ehn, wat have u been eating😳😳? pls help a sister nd donate some fat😜😂.


  2. Emmanuel Andrew says:

    Great piece dear. Reminded me of the very fact that its is in the hand of God to convict, we should not rely always on our effort or what we think. loving every bit of the idea.


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  4. kashadest says:

    this grt and awesome living a life worthy of God, that at d end all glory must be given to God…….


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