Hello Fashionable ladies,

Yes this post is for the ladies. Recently I have developed some kind of love for bra shopping online. It feels therapeutic especially those pretty colourful ones for the spring. My favourite for the season are the one with pronounced and well designed straps so they show through your sleeveless or bra strap tops.

I have compiled a list of some bras that are necessary for every girl and explained their functions. Now, I am not a bra expert and will advise you to visit your local bra store for professional advise.

First rule to buying a bra of course is to know your size, that is not rocket science. Now, bra sizing is different in the UK and US and there is the Europe/France sizes as well. Bra sizes are a number followed by an alphabet, the number is the band size which goes around your underarms to the back and the alphabet is the size of the cup. The number has nothing to do with your breast size and more to do with how slim or big you are. “A” is the smallest breast size and the alphabets continue. I hope that makes sense? Let’s dive in then.


Adhesive bra: As the name implies, it sticks to the breast as it backless and strapless. So for times when you want to wear a backless dress, this bra got you covered hun. Another bra similar to this is known as the strapless bra, it has a back to hold them but do not have straps. Buy Adhesive bra HERE


Sports Bra: This is worn during exercise and minimises breast movements, reduces the risk of damage to the ligaments in the chest area and ease discomfort during sports/gym sessions. Buy sports bra HERE


Push up Bra: This bra was designed to pull the breast together to create a more pronounced cleavage. The wonder-bra is a well known brand for push ups. The push ups contain padding giving the idea that the breasts are larger than they really are. Buy push up HERE


T-shirt bra: worn under tight fitted clothes or t shirts, the t shirt bra has no seems and does not show a bra line or lumps/bumps under the clothes. Buy T shirt bra HERE


photo credit: glamcheck

U plunge bra: This are useful for dresses that show off some cleavage. Instead of going braless when wearing one of such dresses, you can use a plunge bra and it won’t show across the cleavage. Buy similar U plunge bra options HERE

Contour bra: Similar to padded bra, contour bras have lighter padding. I love them cos unlike padded bra they don’t make you look a cup size bigger than you really are. They are tick enough to conceal the nipples with the boobs still appearing the same size. Options for contour bra HERE couldn’t find a decent picture to use here.


Strapless bra: For full back dresses that are sleeveless, the strapless bra fits for the occasion. It is similar to adhesive bra except it cannot be used for backless dresses unlike adhesive bra. Options HERE

If you are a woman of colour check out Nubian skin they make nude coloured lingerie for black women with different skin tone (shades of black).

Anyway, enjoy your weekend I am off to church for our big weekend.


Miss Kay



About Kipazze

Final year Biomedical Science student in Cambridge. My love for the Lord started at a very young age and so did my love for fashion, I wondered how this 2 worlds would come together and still be honourable before the Lord. This 2 things make me happy : Jesus and Fashion. I love Jesus and i know he wants me to look good and you too :) . Take a walk with me on this blog as we make history. Stay blessed in Jesus Christ!
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