Location: Kaduna

Photography: Rachael

Many years ago when my mama told us the story of young Eutychus in ACTS of the apostles chapter 20, we had a good laugh. The Bible tells us Paul was a lawyer, I do not know if any of Jesus’ disciples did as much travelling around as Paul, did not even Peter! Paul could speak for hours un-end and because he was good at the interpretation of scriptures and was hard to find, people will sit tight and listen to him even to the early hours of the morning.

It was on one of these occasions that a young man named Eutychus came to listen to Paul speak right into the night. Usually the rooms are parked full and so on this day Eutycus sat by the windowsill on the 3rd floor which was where the meeting was held.

As Paul spoke, Eutychus slept due to the long nature of Paul’s message until he fell down from the windowsill of the third storey! And Eutycus died 😦 Everyone ran downstairs and Paul threw himself around Eutycus and said “trouble not yourself for his life is in him” Vs 10b.

From this little story, I learnt the power of spoken words. The power of positive words to a negative situation; the power of spoken life in a dead situation. There are things in our lives that are dead but instead of professing negativity we should learn to speak life! Speak life to the economy, speak life to your children/parents, speak life to your broken marriage, speak life to your finances, JUST SPEAK LIFE.

The power of life and death is in that tongue of yours and it can make your life pleasant or a living hell, it all depends on how you choose to use it.

FASHION TODAY: My new-found love is trying out bright colours. You all know my love for yellow and you can see the little change in the background of the blog today. I got this gorgeous peplum top from central market in Kaduna for 2500 Naira, which is like less than £10. The pants were from H&M I got over 3 years ago and I am excited they still fit. Shoes are from New look.

This shoot was on a rooftop as you all can see and unlike Eutychus, I was so scared I wouldn’t blink an eye for too long or look down from those rails. The view is lovely as I could see across the city, just amazing! I used a Brazilian wool for the twist on my hair, I still don’t get the craze about it with how expensive it is because I don’t even like it. The sunset is a beautiful sight to behold even though I didn’t get it this time because it was cloudy and about to rain I hope I do next time.

Cheers to Rachael who was my location manager and photographer on this project 🙂



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Miss Kay.


About Kipazze

Final year Biomedical Science student in Cambridge. My love for the Lord started at a very young age and so did my love for fashion, I wondered how this 2 worlds would come together and still be honourable before the Lord. This 2 things make me happy : Jesus and Fashion. I love Jesus and i know he wants me to look good and you too :) . Take a walk with me on this blog as we make history. Stay blessed in Jesus Christ!
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  1. Mateske Madaki says:

    This is a very nice story illustrating the power of spoken words. There is a song i love that would help us better appreciate this message. Here is the Link. God bless you.


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