Hello beautiful people,

Trust you all are doing all right? How can I even apologise enough for my absence here. Anyways, as I was absent here, I was exercising my writing prowess-ish on my personal facebook page Here. Check it out if you love fiction writing.

So, to what I have been up to while away, my friend from secondary school Sharone got married on October the 7th. She is such a beautiful soul and she met and fell in love with Arhibai through their mutual love of music and God.

I met Arhibai a couple of months before the wedding and he had an atmosphere with him that speak volumes. I kid you not, when you see them together, you know they are just right for each other.

I was honoured by this lovely couple to help in organising the wedding and designing an outfit for the bridesmaids and the bride’s second dress.

To be honest, I was nervous about it, and for some reason, Sharone trusted me with this big project and so did her friends; three of whom were secondary school classmates with myself and the bride that is.

Oh and by the way, my friend’s Sharone is spelt with an ‘e’ in the end. Yeah, she is unique like that.

The plan was simple, given the mutual love of music between the couple, instead of a reception, there was a concert, yeah, you read that right: A CONCERT. Words cannot express how unique and beautiful the event was. There was dancing, praises and worship. It was a tip of how heaven was going to be. The couple were interviewed about their relationship and the challenges that came with being in a godly relationship which implied abstinence and all that good stuff. Good thing our church’s theme for 2017 is ‘A generation without God.’ It was not exactly easy to stick out for God and uphold his standards in a godless world.

Sharone wanted something beautiful and unique but something that wouldn’t break the bank, which is a smart idea if you ask me. There was everything present in an ‘ideal’ Nigerian wedding, so there was lots of food and drinks, cake, and dancing.

She opted to braid her hair as opposed to wearing weaves which I personally loved. The braids added some uniqueness to the bride.

Let me stop here and let the pictures do the talking.



Before the solemnisation, the couple presented us a song.


Before heading to church. With lilies and matching earrings for the girls by me.


In church, before the bridal procession.


Before the procession. Dresses designed by yours truly.


A Bible game we played while in church, for the couple.


Highlighted Bible portion.


Bridesmaids’ second outfit for the concert, designed by yours truly.


Singing bride at the concert.


Mr and Mrs A. Akanet


Name me a happier bridal train team, I’ll wait!

That is it guys for the wedding. I must say, ‘happy’ doesn’t do justice to how I feel for my friend of over a decade. I am glad her story has another uber happy moment, would have said a happy ending but this is just the beginning. That means it is just another happy moment for added to her file.

To my friend and her ever smiling husband (it’s how my little sister describes him), I wish you a happy home, where God is glorified, a home that gives the devil constant migraines; I wish you the joys that come with marriage and every blessing too. May your children surround your table, may you see your children’s children. Thus saith the Lord. Psalm 128:3.

Thank you guys for reading and God bless!


Miss Kay.

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