The world’s best natural oils. So far I have made all by myself with no help; coconut oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil. Am I a pro or what people? Okay, all thanks to YouTube.


More like eating a lot more salad than I have eaten my entire life put together. Have also been cooking a lot more fibrous food.


Water, a lot of it first thing every morning.


My 60th book this year. Thinking I should do a book review post about books I read this year. My target was to read 52 books in 2018, but oh well, I out did myself. My 60th book will be posted of Kay’s fashion page on facebook. Be sure to follow on there to not miss out.


To buy a threadmill so bad. It’s on my December budget.


For an awesome photographer friend, can never be as good as Stephanie though, but I’ll manage. Whose up for it? Ding dong, friend vacancy advert, yo! I was going to say ‘friend with benefit’, benefit to mean the photography, but i’ll rather not, lol.


‘You crown the year’ by Hillsong is on repeat, you guys. I feel it sums up how I feel about God’s goodness this year.

Too much mayonnaise in my egg salad. Moment of truth.

A lot of things with my hands. I just stitched my bedroom curtains with my hands, it took me about two weeks from start to finish. I have been enjoying being physically productive.


To learn more and more patience everyday. With a Hillsong lyrics coming to mind constantly anytime I get impatient. ‘God, you could have saved us in a second, instead you sent a child.’ Patience…life is in seasons, some longer than others. And sadly, winter isn’t coming, winter’s already here. Good thing, it will soon be spring and the flowers will blossom again, hold on and hold out.

My new job. Meeting great minds and it is a breath of fresh air to rub minds with young intellectuals.

To make an order of a total of 26 books from the US to Nigeria. They are costing me an arm and a leg but they are worth it.

My new lifestyle that I title ‘Intentional living.’ It feels good to live intentionally.

If my scale is broken or I have really been down almost 4kg since the month of August. Oh well.


How my hair is reacting to the oils I make. Thicker, fuller, longer and darker future I see for this hair. I pray this hair grows in hair riches and blossoms in hair awesomeness until it is someone’s HCH–hair crush hairyday, I honestly just made that up.


To God that my blogging spirit comes back to me stronger and better in 2019.


At how fast life’s moving. Feels just like yesterday that it was the christmas of 2017. And today, it is two more sleeps until the new year–2019.

To read more parenting books. No, I am not expecting, but a conversation with an old friend made me start reading a lot of parenting books, and I am loving every second of it.

My freshly made coconut and lemon oil. Is that the smell of heaven or what?

Strictly outfits designed by me.

Two churches that go live on facebook from New Zealand. Names are: Arise church and City impact church. I noticed I have people reading my blog from New Zealand. Hi if that is you, I hope to visit that beautiful little country of yours some day.


That I have ignored this space for far too long, never again!


That prayer works. I am relearning this very fact as I continue my ‘intentional living’. One thing I started since August is going for a run before the start of day, and when I do, I pray. I literally pray about everything these days, I used to be like that but then I stopped, but I am returning to it again. During my morning runs, as the cool of the morning hits my face and calms my spirit, before the rush and harshness of a tough day, just as nature awakes, I pray for each of my friends by name. I speak life to my friends, their relationships, their marriages, their babies, their husbands. I also pray for some of my friends who I think are struggling with making tough decisions. This gives me peace I tell you, because once I am done with my friends, I pray for myself. I pour out my heart to God, for even on mornings when words aren’t as superfluous, I can feel God listening in on my complaints, grunts, dissatisfaction and even praise as the case may be. This has made me at ease.


Of appreciating some women in my life who have blessed me over the years with very little acts of kindness that I have never forgotten. I made a list to reach out to them this festive season, sadly one of them passed away last month. Time waits for no one, appreciate the people in your life for they won’t always be here, love them, send that sms, make that call, check on that friend, forgive that wrongdoer, life’s too short.


Excited to watch ‘Bird box’. Dunno what the hype is about but I will be watching it on New year’s eve, so, fingers crossed it turns out good.


A lot more Bible verses this days. The one from this evening is 2 Corinthians 6:17, it says, ‘wherefore, come out from among them and be ye separate.’ Ponder on this.


My heart to love, understand, and accept people more and more. It can never be too much, but it can always be better.


At nothing in particular, but excited much about the great possibilities the new year holds for this blog especially.


Thankful for the year 2018. I know it sounds cliché but yeah, I feel like it took me this year to finally feel semi-settled in Nigeria again.



This taking stock was started in September and finished today. Well done if you figured with the time lapse and all.

As always, thanks for stopping by and hopefully, I post something the first week of New years. Prosperous new year to you and yours.


Miss Kay.

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